Procedure For Use

The online forest certification system has been developed to assist Group Managers and woodland owners to gain PEFC certification via third party independent certification bodies and to help Group schemes with management and internal auditing. Those CBs offering forest management certification may be found at Currently only The Soil Association and SGS can offer this service.

This online tool may be used for individual forest owners wishing to achieve certification or for group scheme managers looking to improve the way they administer their schemes. Group scheme managers will undoubtedly have their own group scheme rules that will also need to be complied with.

Group scheme managers and individual woodland owners outside of a group scheme, will register via this website at and this will be approved by PEFC UK. The approval and subsequent use of the tool will indicate your acceptance of the terms and conditions and your commitment to pay PEFC UK an annual user fee.

This online tool has been developed by PEFC, to assist with PEFC certification, but may also be used by organisations implementing dual certification in line with the UKWAS standard. The tool must not be used exclusively for other forest certification schemes.

Any problems or issues with the system please contact Alun Watkins at in the first instance.

The checklists do not have to be completed in one go. The details you have entered will be saved by clicking on the ‘save’ button at the bottom of each page. Please click on the ‘submit’ tab, when you are ready to send details to your group manager. Please do not click on the ‘submit’ button until you have completed the whole checklist or as much of it as you can.

The Group Scheme manager will be charged an annual fee for the ‘sub domain’ that they are operating but this will allow the manager to add as many ‘members’ as they like. In this instance the group manager will be responsible for paying all fees connected to the use of the tool, to PEFC UK. In the event of the annual fee not being paid, access to the tool will be removed.
Note: these fees are not part of the PEFC UK Notification fee structure which is collected by the Certification Body.

This system has been developed to help you achieve and maintain your certification status and we will continue to improve it to keep abreast of both UKWAS and general forest management changes. Completion of the checklist does not guarantee certification as this is at the discretion of the Certification Body. If you have any ideas for improvement, please feel free to email us with your thoughts.